Special Products

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Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

We are engaged in offering a wide range of swimming pool filtration plant. these systems are acknnowledged for engineering efficiency and high tech workability. the products are manufactured using premium quality raw materials produced from registered vendors across the globe.

For maintaining purity standards of all types of swimming pools, these systems are efficient and are good cleansing products. for managing proper sanition system and for killing infectious micro-organism like bacteria, virus and varied oils in the pool, we offer circulation pumps in our products.

Water Disinfection Systems

We offer a full range of disinfection technologies such as ultra violet, ozonation, chlorine dosing individually or can even combine them.

Our disinfection solutions are as specialized as per your industry and our requirements and that's the way we like it. we relish a challenge because it allows us to put our innovative systems and years of engineering experience to good use.